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Untitled Tile Painter is a small and just a tiny bit unusual art program that lets you draw pictures by arranging colored tiles on a canvas. Choose your tile size, canvas dimensions and color palette and begin creating the next blocky Bauhaus-inspired masterpiece!

Once you're done with the picture, you can choose to customize and export it as a crisp high-quality PNG file. All images generated by the program are yours to keep and use as you see fit, commercial or otherwise. Have fun!


  • Alt+Enter will exit or enter fullscreen mode
  • Right Mouse Click on a canvas will pick the selected tile as your current brush
  • Doing a second Left Mouse Click on a canvas tile will rotate it
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AuthorIvan Khoroshev
Tags2D, Abstract, Colorful, Creative, Drawing, Mouse only, Painting, Relaxing, Retro, Unreal Engine


UntitledTilePainter_100_Win.zip 89 MB


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I had a similar idea for a program and have been looking for a pre-existing file spec or competitors

"2d voxels" gets "but actaully" style reddit threads, a skim read of wikipedia hybrid raster/vector came up with nothing, etc etc etc

Yours is the closest, what sort of data format do you use, and is there any formal terms you know of that points in the right direction or related art tools?

Oh haha, sorry, my understanding of the technical side of things is very vague. But if it helps any, the tile images are stored as Unreal Engine data table that uses a custom structure, and the canvases are saved/loaded by turning the image into a long string that describes the type, rotation and other parameters of each tile.

If you had to make the tiles even simpler (my estimate 1/2 the size of your mini tiles) what would be a good list of "tiles" to support?


I love this. I've used it for many things. I am now considering using it to design game boards. Just beautiful.


Love your tool, hope you make more stuff like this in the future! Cheers :)

There seems to be a bug where exporting a creation will mess up all the tiles. It doesn’t happen on small tiles mode, though

Is there a way to save a canvas to open and work on later? (ie. how do I use the “Load Canvas” feature?)

The feature is very rudimentary at this point, but you can press Copy Canvas Data and it will copy your artwork’s raw data to the clipboard. You can later save and paste this data into the Load Canvas Data window.

Ok, thank you!

lovely :)


ive been having a blast with this tool! will there be an undo feature at some point, or the ability to make your own palettes?


Glad you’re enjoying it! :D There’s a lot of features I wish I could add it to it, including the ones you’ve mentioned, but I don’t think an update is in the cards at the moment. :(


understandable! thank you for the tool nonetheless, it's really relaxing to use!



Thank you! :D