A downloadable game for Windows

Explore a mysterious ever-shifting labyrinth on the edge of nowhere and find out if you're really as alone in it as you appear to be. An early pre-alpha demo for Mallory, a story-driven adventure game currently in solo development as a pet project.

Platforms: Windows, 64-bit only
Languages: English, Russian
Playtime: around 30-40 minutes
Made by: Ivan Khoroshev (@devancheque)
Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/BshQCFFwBz


MalloryMarbleSanctum_1033_Win64.zip 348 MB

Install instructions

Download the provided .zip file, extract it to a folder of your choice and run the Mallory.exe executable. You're good to go!


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I love this! The mysteries. The puzzles. The atmosphere.  The cats! Mallory!

This game have a nice art and history propost. I see a nice potential here and i hope this project continue :)

Thanks for this experience, I hope this game gets an update!

я надеюсь , что будет продолжение этой игры


PLayed through in VR... loved it... 

Bravo sir! Loved every moment of it. Gameplay, looks, story, it all just feels good. Can't wait to see what this grows into!

Loved the story so far can't wait for more 


underrated fr this is way better than what i usually find in the browse pages. A masterpiece that deserves way more attention. Keep up, i cant wait to see the evolution of this :D


AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!! From the visuals to the story, this is probably one of the best games I have ever played! Just enough story that you sorta understand what's going on in the different stories, but enough of a lack that everything still maintains it's vagueness!! The puzzles are intuitive yet easy, the platforming really exciting and fun, and the environment, oh the environment! Oustanding!! If I weren't broke, I'd definitely buy this!

Small issue though, in the bottom-left path, on the 2x2 moving platform stage where you try to avoid the pink squares, jumping sometimes launches you really far, but other than that, perfect game!! 

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That’s so nice of you to say, thank you! :D Yeah, the pink squares do have a strange tendency to do that, haha. :) Never quite figured out why.


This is a fantastic game. I loved the dialogue between Cat and Mallory, as it was wholesome and witty. I thought the level design (specifically the door segment) was a little confusing, but satisfying once you figure it out. The sound for this game was top notch, I really enjoyed the chase music and the interaction with the different objects, even the tiny paper wads on the floor made Mallory feel more grounded to the environment, so props to the chef!

My favorite part of this game is how all the clues made me feel curious to uncover the mysteries this strange world holds. The visuals are incredibly elegant in their simplicity, though it's no easy feat to make them detailed without being distracting. This game has the perfect balance of interesting shapes and features without demanding too much attention that the objective is lost on the player.

**I only found one thing wrong: there was a misspelled word in Cat and Mallory's dialogue, it said "experient" instead of "experiment". That said, it's not really a big deal, I just thought I should point it out!**

This demo was otherwise one of the most immersive experiences I've played! I'm excited to play the full game, but I'm aware that this level of effort is a lot for an indie developer, so please take your time and take good care of yourself. Cheers!

Thank you! <3


Absolutely amazing game! I've actually been wanting to play it for a good while, but my previous PC couldn't run it, so I had to wait until I got a new one. I LOVED the puzzles. The diagonal movement was a bit tricky to get used to, but I think it made the game more challenging in a good way. I did have some issues with Chapter 2 (clock had been set correctly, wound up, activated, but nothing was happening) which I solved by going back to the main menu and playing through the chapter again. Not sure what happened there, because it all seemed to work correctly the second time around. All in all, I had a lot of fun playing this game. Any updates on when the full version is coming out? 

I'm glad you liked it! :D And thank you for bringing attention to the clock bug. Can't say I've heard about anyone having that particular one, I'll make sure to look into it. No updates on the full version yet.


Khoroshev, its been a while, but is the full game release yet?

He needs more time

Ur right lol

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good game! however still needs optimization cause i've noticed some freezing , also saw issues with jumping, but alas! character is so cute <3

I instanly notice something sus

cute character

This was great! Noticed some people had issues jumping diagonally, I didn't seem to have that issue with a controller so that's a good sign! Can't wait to see more.

i really enjoyed this game, keep up the good work dev's

This looks amazing! Can’t wait to give it a shot!

Happy new year 2022!

Hi guys, im back

Quite a fan you are


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Gotta say this game is really good even though it's still a demo.

I don't know why but i just have an urge to do a speedrun and I killed the puzzle. I did this by pressing "WASD" constantly while mashing "E"




[Tommy used speedrun]

[It's super effective]

[Mallory and the Marble Santum fainted]

Thanks! Well that's a first… I knew I should have put more work into filtering player inputs, but this is a whole new level of broken. The worst I was able to reproduce is two selected interaction points instead of one, haha. I'll look into it for future releases.


this was a good game cant wait to play full game

I recorded myself playing the game. It was fun. I hope for a lot of improvements in the full version

Is anyone speedrunning Mallory

I did try and I ended up with this bug XD

HA!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDD

Great game


I really loved this demo. The writing and presentation are fantastic for a solo developer!

I encountered this because of Alpha Beta Gamer, but once I got beyond a tiny bit of gameplay I had to play it myself.

I do hope you make more at some point, I look forward to what comes next!

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cool and refreshing atmosphere and idea. Really felt the characters and music and the ending was fitting i think.

I am excited what you make in the future or expand your game into a hole game!

Ivan Khoroshev, i was thinking about the full game that will be, many cutscenes, bug fixes, full game playtime average: about 2 to 5 hours, endings and few console like xbox one, playstation, steam, etc... also can you show me or add the main menu screenshots pls? remember that i cant play your game because i have an error UwU.



This was a fun puzzle platformer, I really enjoyed myself


What an awesome and freshly different little game. I loved the concept. Keep up the great work!

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Just played through the demo and really enjoyed it. I love the aesthetic and characters so far, and am interested in seeing where the story will go.

Want to say, though, that I did encounter a bug during my playthrough that made the platforming a lot more difficult than it needed to be:

For some reason, I wasn't able to jump while holding the 'down' and 'right' keys at the same time. Jumping worked fine for every other arrow key combo, but for those particular keys simultaneously, the space bar would become unresponsive. I was able to work around this somewhat by releasing those keys immediately before hitting the space bar, but this was difficult to work with. This issue is especially frustrating as down-right is the most common direction in which platforming occurs.

Still all-in-all a promising game that I'd like to see more of.


Thank you for playing! :D

I've had a run-in with a similar issue regarding the button combos and came to a conclusion that it has something to do with hardware limitations, i.e. I couldn't press these combinations of keys outside of the game either. For me it was jump + every diagonal combination of arrows that's not up-right. Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix this or if it's even something that can be fixed. But thanks for the report anyway! I think my solution to this will be having fewer diagonal levels in the game, haha.


nss melhor jogo que eu jogue continue criando jogos tenho certeza que tera sucesso

Fantastic game. Graphics and sound are amazing. I was able to get invested in the characters and world in such a short amount of time. A few other things I'd like to mention: 

-I feel that the game is a little dialogue heavy. Not a serious issue, but I think it could be tightened up a bit. I ended up not reading any of the pages after the first one. Perhaps they'll fit into a larger narrative later on, but for now I just didn't find them very interesting. 

-In chapter 1, sometimes I would reach a spot that triggered new dialogue but immediately fall and not get a chance to read what was said. Once I reach that spot again, I think the dialogue should trigger again if it got cut off before due to a fall. 

-In chapter 2, some dialogue would appear off-screen and be unreadable. This happened when Mallory was too close to the top of the screen. 

-Several others have already mentioned how the isometric view makes the platforming much more difficult than it needs to be. If you want to keep the isometric view, I'd suggest maybe adding a double jump or making the jumping more 'floaty' by increasing the air time on jumps. This would give the player more time to reposition themselves after a bad jump. Adding a dark shadow directly under the player would also help show exactly where they are going to land.

Thank you for the feedback! :D Your issue with chapter two is a bit of a new one though. My only guess is that it had something to do with a specific screen size. Could you share the resolution you played on?


Screen resolution is 2560 x 1080. Here is a screenshot if it helps:

Well, looks like my hunch was right. I've never even tested it on 21:9 or anything that's not 16:9, haha. Thank you for the info and for the screenshot! I'll make sure to try and make it readable on all resolutions.


The story was pretty interesting and very peaceful gameplay. 


Wonderful game.  Nice story and character development.  I was kind of bummed when I found out that "Prisoners of Sphericon" doesn't seem to be a real book... sounded like a fun read.

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Thanks! Considering the kind of Slavic science fiction i've been lovingly spoofing with the Sphericon pages, the rest of it would probably be a bunch of endless ennui-drenched paragraphs on moral philosophy of shooting aliens with laser beams :)



loved this game the controls were a bit weird with platforming but overall we loved this game and can’t wait for a full game! 

Thanks! :D


I love platformers and I am pretty decent at them this was awful to control it took me  almost 15 minutes to get from the bed to the first checkpoint. Because it was awkward for me to have to use the wasd keys as opposed to the arrow keys because I really wish you would add arrow key support. I ended up quitting not much after the first check point because i knew it would be to frustrating to continue. I am sad to say this looks good but plays awful.

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Sorry to hear you've had a bad time with the demo. Key rebinding has been a highly requested feature in the feedback I've received and I'll make sure to push it higher on my to-do list.

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Sadly the game looked awesome and I wanted to play it but I just became to frustrated to continue.  Or maybe not just key binding but have the option to swtich to the arrow keys would be very helpful thank you for the reply and keep up the awesome dream. Because I like to revisit this game when it is more playable as it has a lot of the stuff I enjoy in my games, Hey if and when you ever update the controls can you let me know that is if you dont forget which is ok too. But I really look forward to trying again in the future. Also when is the full version going to come out?

In a few years, give or take. But I'll make sure to remember to reply to you once the key binding is live, which will hopefully be in less than a few years! :D

hey was this game a one man show? or did other people work with you on it?

It's a one man show, pretty much.


I loved the controls ! there are way worse controls in this genre :o

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